Young Male Achievers

By Grace Chun

Malcolm Goff and Donnie Susong are two teachers at E.K. Powe. Together they lead Young Male Achievers, an afterschool mentorship program for minority male students, striving to teach leadership, open new doors, and help them grow. With goals toward brotherhood and mentorship, these 4th and 5th graders learn to work together, think critically, and listen to each other. As a new program to E.K. Powe, it's all a work in progress for both the teachers and students.

As I documented YMA, it was clear to see how much love and patience Mr. Goff and Mr. Susong had for their students. I gained even more appreciation for public school teachers. These young men were a fun bunch to capture, and I was reminded of my own times in 4th and 5th grade. I hope that I was able to highlight both their childhood energy but also their growing maturity.

It was a challenge to thread together a narrative about YMA, one that would do it justice. Because I find this initiative to empower Black and Latino boys to be critically important, I am honored that I was allowed to tell their story.