Two Worlds Combine

By Alyssa Kisby

Though we have all gone through the transition of leaving the comfort of our homes for the unfamiliar territory of elementary school, most of us do not remember the struggles we overcame in the process. In this project, I follow the story of Kindergartener Buddy Minnelli as he transitioned from a small preschool into the large population of E.K. Powe.

Remembering back to my days before Kindergarten, I was a shy five year old who lived in my own world created from books and movies. As the youngest of three girls, I tended to hide in the shadows and use the distraction of my older sisters to give me more time to explore my books. As I learned Buddy's story, I found many parallels between my own experiences and his. In this presentation, I am addressing these experiences and the impact they have had on Buddy’s life and future growth.