Three Times the Family

By Sierra Tolbert

Having a sibling is something special, something that I have never experienced. Through this project, I sought to discover the bond between siblings. Luckily I was able to illustrate much more, the bond between a family. The Silva family consists of first-grade triplets, Daniel, Helena, and Vera, who are all amazing kids. I was able to capture their lives individually, but also able to illustrate exactly how much their lives intersect. By capturing all three of the children during school and at home, I was able to fully document their lives, and I must say for first graders there lives are rather interesting. I was also able to capture the involvement of their mother, Raquel, and her loving parenting skills.

It was amazing to capture the love and relationships between the family members. Coming from a single-parent home and being an only child, I found myself admiring the family and children. I especially enjoyed seeing Raquel fully involved in her children's life and dedicating much of her time to furthering their education. The Silva family is something I hope my family in the future can one day be.