On a Good Note

By Jack White

Marcus and Sophia Gee are no ordinary E. K. Powe students. Instead of merely going to school and returning home at the end of the day, the brother-sister duo attend an after school program called Kidznotes. The program allows students to explore their musical creativity and expand their horizons.

Initially, I had no idea what to expect from the program. When I think of the relationship between young kids and school I never expected for these students to voluntarily want to attend more schooling. However, I was wrong. Each day, both Marcus and Sophia look forward to going to Kidznotes and even enjoy recounting the details of the day to their parents upon returning home. Kidznotes is really an amazing opportunity for the Gee family on multiple fronts. First off, it allows Marcus and Sophia to pursue a type of learning that they would have not otherwise been exposed to. This allows them to develop new skills for learning that not only relate to music but also to their daily schoolwork at E. K. Powe. Additionally, the program gives more freedom to their parents Ruth and Ramell who might not otherwise be able to spend time with their children directly after school. Ultimately, it was an incredible experience to meet two truly gifted and talented young children whose hard work and dedication to not only school but also to their musical learning will no doubt benefit them greatly in the long run.