Morning Announcements

By Will Bowman

Michael Somers became the Principal of E.K. Powe in 2012 and has since become a very familiar face, roaming the halls in the morning and giving out high-fives and hellos to kids and parents who pass by. This project contains a closer look at Principal Somers working daily with the faculty and families of the school in Durham, NC. Their interactions and relationships help make up the strong community that defines E.K. Powe as a caring and supportive environment for kids to learn and relationships to grow.

This compilation of photos should display the close, friendly community of E.K. Powe that I have been able to see first hand by following and photographing the smiling Principal Somers in his daily life. At the teacher "Walk-In" the faculty of E.K. Powe stood in solidarity to show that they really do put kids first, even when others may struggle to. This is standing proof that from any perspective, from teachers to administrators, E.K. Powe holds true to its mission: "Educating the whole child."