KidZNotes: Experience the Music

By Mary Catherine Robertson

Before I even quite knew what KidZNotes was, I was intrigued by it. It is certainly not an ordinary after-school music program. The goal of KidZNotes is to give under-privileged children a chance to grow and learn through music. While the program asks the children to commit four afternoons a week and every Saturday morning, it doesn't cost the students anything. These kindergarten and third graders are given a unique opportunity to experience music in a way that otherwise may not be possible.

As a photographer, I loved having the chance to see children getting excited about music. With such young students, every day was not a model of focus and dedication. Keeping pace with the action was always a challenge. The amazing thing was how often the students were focused and how much they genuinely enjoyed music. Whether singing with Ms. Brown on a Tuesday afternoon or playing the violin with other KidZNotes students early on a Saturday morning, the kids were excited. They took pride in their achievements. They might not have been fully aware of the exceptional nature of KidZNotes but they embraced it. If I have been able to capture even the tiniest bit of that pure joy in music, I will consider this project a success.