By Logan Carmody

In this project, I explored the inner workings of Ms. Middleton's kindergarten class. I began going to shoot with no real purpose or idea of what the final story would be. As I shot more and more, and began to interact with the kids, I began to see two things; the undeniable strength and motivation of these young kids, and the fluid and comprehensive way the classroom was organized. I decided to focus on these aspects while telling the story of my class, and tried to elaborate on each aspect with my photo's of the class.

Before this project, I had never been much of a kid person; never particularly liked hanging out with kids, and was pretty sure that I didn't want any. But working with these kindergarteners, something changed for me. These kids grew on me; they inspired me with their strength and willingness to learn. It blew me away. It was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen watching someone learn to write before your eyes; I just couldn't get over it.

When this project came to a close, I realized that these kids had really inspired me, and made me value my own education more, just due to the simple excitement and energy that each and every one of them brings to class every day. I think if college students took the same approach as kindergarteners, we'd be living in a very different, and possibly more positive world.